24/7 Call Centre

We pride ourselves on delivering a superior customer experience and for this reason our client service extends way beyond the sale.  Our 24×7 call centre is available to support and assist clients with any difficulties they may encounter.

Call Centre
Field Service Technician

Field Services

Our custom-trained network of installation and support teams have a wide range of technical skills assisting us in providing our customers with end-to-end installation and maintenance services throughout the African continent.

Our field technician teams in South Africa have Health and Safety accreditation to work at construction sites, petroleum stations, mines, hospitals, shopping centres, airports, etc.

Broadcasting Solutions

Via our dedicated Satellite channel on Intelsat17 we are able to do live corporate business broadcasts which connects every person in your organisation so that they are part of live events without having to travel.

With our broadcasting solution, you have the ability to receive telephone calls, e-mails, WhatsApp and SMS messages and integrate and display responses during live broadcast sessions.

Satellite Dish Broadcasting
Digital Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Facial recognition, detection & demographic information, predictive stimulators, consumer behavior modelling, dwell and transit times by demographic, consumer demographic modelling and profiling and advanced people counting and tracking are all part of what we offer.

Building Management System

View, control and manage all electronic systems in your building such as HVAC, security cameras, door locking, lighting, fire system, elevators, etc. from a centralised computer-based control system that can also generate analysis and reports at the touch of a button.

The entire system can be monitored and viewed remotely from your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Building Automation System

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