Government and State-owned institutions

Our Digital Signage and Communication Solution is an interactive solution that is effective, easy to use and it can display an abundant amount of information in real time. Our content management system can mould your digital signage to meet your specific marketing and informational needs. We can deploy messages to just one screen or various screens in the building/s. We give our client’s complete control and maximum flexibility to communicate their messages timeously. Digital signage can be well utilized within any government building. From a court to home affairs to the licensing department, there is always a need to display information for staff, public and customers.

Our content management system accompanied by the unique functionalities of digital signage provides unique content in any language. It can also efficiently guide visitors through the buildings using interactive maps while still keeping them informed of schedules and emergency alerts. Our data systems seamlessly provide schedules and building directory information so that government officials can begin eliminating the use of paper signage and posters, cutting down costs all together and contributing to the green evolution.


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