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Since 1995, Connecting Africa has pioneered Digital Communication Solutions throughout Africa.
We take great pride in going beyond the expected, the ordinary and the mundane. Our solutions are designed with people in mind. They are created and tailored to be bold, functional and always at the edge of possibility.

Whatever your communication requirement, we will find a way to take it a step beyond… and keep it there.

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  • Display Technology – From transparent screens, to video walls, information kiosks and so much more.

  • Dedicated Satellite Channel – We can broadcast anywhere across the Sub-Saharan region from our secure satellite platform.

  • Broadcasting – Whether it’s scheduling or publishing content to customer or staff facing screens, or electronic billboards, we’ve got you covered.

  • Data Analytics – From measuring the demographics and responses of eyes on screens, to Queue Management Systems.

  • VSAT and Point-to-Point Deployments – We currently provide installation and support to 90% of the ISPs in South Africa.

  • Field Services – We have a national footprint of technical services that install, maintain and support all of our digital solutions.

  • Call Centre – In-house, dedicated, 24/7 call centre for first line support.

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Nothing breaks through the retail clutter like effective digital communication. Our digital signage solutions will ensure effective in store customer communication as well as staff communication.  The fast food industry can benefit from our digital menu boards to provide customers with easily implemented updates.



From queue management systems, to customer feedback and secure satellite transmission. The content preferred by financial organisations usually include live updating of Forex rates, live broadcasts, a wide variety of marketing and promotional content, entertainment content to reduce the perceived waiting time and other useful content such as RICA and FICA information.



Our digital signage solutions and public address and evacuation solutions have proven to be invaluable to the hotel and casino industry.  Our digital signage solutions improve the overall atmosphere within a hotel or casino’s reception, bar, restaurant and in every room.



Whether for internal, or external communication, our Digital Signage and Communication is an interactive solution that is effective, easy to use and able to display an abundant amount of information in real time. Our content management system can mold your digital signage to meet your specific marketing and informational needs.



Our digital signage solutions enable hospitals and clinics to remotely control the distribution and playback of digital multimedia including DSTV programs, marketing content, ticker tapes / news feeds, staff training and staff communication, to name but a few.



Mines are high risk environments and the need for information to be communicated fast and effectively is always in demand.  Deliver your information in real-time with a Digital Signage and Communication Network.



An effective digital network seamlessly brings data, video, television, static or moving content from the source and displays it on large format LCD or LED screens anywhere within the network on the petroleum plant.

Fibre and Structured Cabling

Fibre and Structured Cabling

Structured cabling and fibre needs will be met with the latest technology and an ongoing commitment to top-quality products, installation and customer satisfaction.

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“The art of business is no longer the communication of thoughts or feelings which are to be conceptually ordered, but a direct participation in an experience. The whole tendency of modern communication… is towards participation in a process, rather than apprehension of concepts.”

Marshall McLuhan

Our Approach

For a company at the nexus of cutting edge digital solutions, we spend a seemingly disproportionate amount of time thinking about people.

That’s because we believe that our technology only works when it has a real, tangible impact on the lives of our clients and their customers. There’s no doubt that our technology is a step beyond, but without proper planning, thorough implementation and rock-solid support, it won’t have the optimal impact.

Connecting Africa are more than hardware specialists, maintenance providers and distributors of content… we offer a complete, tailored package that ensures your communication solutions are geared for paramount performance.

Through our understanding of the multitude of facets that encompasses modern communication, we have created solutions for some of the biggest names in Southern Africa:

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