Mining and Petroleum Industry

Mines and Petroleum sites are high risk environments and the need for information to be communicated fast and effectively is always in demand. What better way to keep information in real-time than deploying a Digital Signage and Communication Network. Actual production days, lost days to injury, downtime, information about what’s coming up, can all be measured and reported in real-time or as pre-recorded content using our Digital Signage and Communication Network solution. An effective digital network seamlessly brings data, video, television, static or moving content from the source and displays it on large format LCD or LED screens anywhere within the network on the mine or petroleum plant.

If it’s data, live or pre-recorded content, then we can display it locally on screens anywhere at any of the local mine or petroleum plant sites, at sites on the African continent or for that matter anywhere in the world if required. Updates can be done in real-time if necessary and information can be displayed to be acted on immediately, rather than be delayed. The opportunities are there to maximize the use of the technology to improve productivity and safety as well as effortlessly communicate with staff, customers and visitors. There’s no better way to communicate with staff and customers alike to make the message relevant and received instantly. Our Digital Signage network is helping mining, manufacturing, and many more industries with easy-to-use technology to enable Signage and Communication to work as a whole.

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