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Transparent LED Screens

This unique LED screen is 100% transparent. This unique screen ensures that consumers can see the product behind the transparent LED screen and unique digital signage content simultaneously. This screen is also the ideal marketing tool to replace building windows with interesting advertising content without taking away from the regular window display. The transparent screen is available for purchase as well as on a rental agreement, thus it is also the ideal show stopper for once off large events or exhibitions.

Video Walls

We provide various Video Wall solutions that will be sure to draw attention and make a statement.

Standard 2×2 video walls:

We provide various standard Video Wall options, the standard video walls are generally 2 x 2 and they are available in any size LED screen, however, the most common screen sizes are 46″ LED screens or 55″ LED screens.

Irregular shaped and custom video walls:

We have perfected the art of building strange Video Wall formations. The irregular shaped Video Walls are limited only by the imagination of our clients and our content software ensures that the content suites the irregular shape of the video wall.

Measuring Eyes on Screen

Anonymous video analytics are solutions that provide corporate companies with measurable results enabling them to determine the success of digital signage displays and to bring personalized content to their customers. AVA solutions can, therefore, provide corporate companies with an accurate indication of whether the LED screen’s size, positioning, content and height is effective for the captured audience to ensure the return on investment. AVA solutions also assist corporate companies in determining the demographics of the customers that are viewing their digital signage displays that could be very beneficial when creating content and it also provides additional measurements such as eyes-on-screen measurements that indicate exactly how long customers look at digital signage screens.

Satellite dish

Slow Moving Posters

Slow moving posters are the ultimate marketing and communication tool that assists companies by being green and saving trees. Slow moving posters are also much more cost effective than traditional print posters and the ease of constant content updates ensure effective marketing and communication that ultimately leads to a higher return on investment.

Information Kiosks

Facial recognition, detection & demographic information, predictive stimulators, consumer behaviour modelling, dwell and transit times by demographic, consumer demographic modelling and profiling and advanced people counting and tracking are all part of what we offer.

Outdoor Digital Billboards

We supply, install and maintain a wide variety of outdoor digital billboards. Outdoor digital billboards satisfy the desire for companies to be green, and they are also cost effective. Outdoor digital signage billboards are designed to capture the attention of millions of people that pass by the identified locations; therefore, the content is key, and the digital element ensures that the content is visible 24/7 and the content can also easily be changed and updated. We also provide outdoor digital billboards that could be used to communicate important rules and regulations, such as health and safety messages, accompanied by marketing content, therefore the outdoor digital billboards can serve various functions simultaneously.

Forex Screens

We provide Forex Screen solutions that update via satellite every two minutes, thus ensuring constant foreign exchange updates within financial institutions and constantly informed consumers. The quick update functionality of the Forex screens can also be transferred to other digital signage solutions that might require instant updates, such as first year enrolments at tertiary institutions.

Content Management Software

We provide our clients with a content management software system allowing them to upload, design, schedule, and publish multimedia content from a central location or remotely via the web. The

software operates on a standard Media Player or PC, and provides users with the flexibility to display a wide range of visual communication such as pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint loops, live broadcasts, live news, weather reports, sports results, DSTV etc.

Content Streaming

We provide our clients with three options for live or pre-recorded content streaming.

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