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Hospitals and Clinics

Our digital signage solutions enable hospitals and clinics to remotely control the distribution and playback of digital multimedia including; DSTV programs, marketing content, ticker tapes / news feeds, staff training and staff communication, to name but a few, on LED screens, interactive kiosks, desktops, mobile phones, tablets and any other digital device. We can deliver content to these devices anywhere in the Sub-Sarah region using Satellite as a delivery mechanism, to any other continent via webcast. Our digital signage solutions provide a communication medium where patients can receive valuable medical information and pre-recorded entertainment content which helps to reduce their perceived waiting time.

We also install a wide variety of LED screens in hospital wards for patients to watch DSTV or local SABC channels. Our digital signage solutions support and improve staff communication and staff productivity within hospitals and clinics. We are able to deliver live broadcasts or pre-recorded staff messages to any digital device including LED screens, mobile phones or tablets.We also provide medical tablets to the health sector whereon doctors and nurses perform a wide variety of daily hospital tasks digitally. This increases staff productivity and it also provides patients with a more seamless and positive experience. Deployment of our public address and evacuation systems will contribute to the safety of patients, visitors and staff in case of an emergency.

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