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Our digital signage solutions ensure seamless customer and staff communication within any financial organisation. The content on our digital signage solutions is limited only by our client’s creativity. Our client’s preferred content can be accompanied by ticker tapes and an on screen “Teller Customer Call” to ensure customers maintain eyes-on-screen at all times. The content preferred by financial organizations usually include live updating of Forex rates, live broadcasts, a wide variety of marketing and promotional content, entertainment content to reduce the perceived waiting time and other useful content such as RICA and FICA information. Our media players can seamlessly switch between live content, pre-recorded content, DSTV or local SABC channels. We are able to deliver content to the digital signage screens via our dedicated satellite platform anywhere in the Sub-Sahara region.

Alternatively, we often deliver content via a client’s LAN or through the use of a webcast. This allows for organizations to engage with their customers or staff anywhere that they have branch offices. We can provide financial organizations with a fully functional In-House broadcast studio, video conference or In-House radio station from which clients can generate their own live content. Our digital signage solutions are also regularly used for effective and insightful staff communication. We also enable our clients to manage their own pre-recorded content loops and we can measure the success and return on investment of our digital signage networks using anonymous video analytics. Through the use of the anonymous video analytics’ data, we trigger content based on the demographics of the person in front of the screen.

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