Retail and Fast-Foods Industry

The retail and fast-food industries are gradually moving away from print advertisements and are utilizing the benefits of going green and are therefore investing in digital delivery platforms. Our digital signage solutions will ensure effective in store customer communication as well as staff communication. The fast-food industry can benefit from our digital menu boards to provide customers with constant menu updates and menu content designed to enhance the customer’s experience. We also provide Wi-Fi solutions where retailers and fast-food companies can provide their customers with open access Wi-Fi, ensuring customers spend more time in the stores.

Slow moving posters accompanied by DSTV or local TV stations on traditional or unusually positioned LED screens will create the “wow” factor, add value to the aesthetic appeal and atmosphere within a store and attract eyes to the screen. Digital signage content is quick and easy to update, therefore, in-store promotional content can be as flexible as required and always stay fresh and relevant. To improve the usability of our digital signage networks and the content displayed on these networks, we use anonymous video analytics to determine the return on investment for the digital signage network. This also enables us to determine the demographics of customers in retail and fast-food areas; allowing our clients to have perfectly targeted content loops or demographically triggered content clips. Our digital signage devices in the customer areas can double as staff communication and training devices during times when the stores or fast-food restaurants are not yet open to customers. This ensures informed staff at all times and important staff messages can be sent to all staff members simultaneously. We can also deliver content to mobile phones.

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