Hotel and Casino Industry

Our digital signage solutions and public address and evacuation solutions have proven to be invaluable to the hotel and casino industry. Our digital signage solutions improve the overall atmosphere within a hotel or casino’s reception, bar, restaurant and in every room. An impressive LED screen connected to DSTV in every hotel room adds value and enhances the guest’s experience. We provide a full IPTV solution that is MultiChoice approved to have encrypted IPTV channels in every room. We provide the head-end connectivity to ensure crystal clear and a picture-perfect content in every room and other areas within the hotel or casino.

In public areas our media players can switch between specials, menu boards, DSTV, holiday packages and so much more to ensure that patrons are exposed to a wide variety of information and entertainment. Digital signage is the ideal platform to display and advertise lucky draws, and large Casino prizes. Our public address and evacuation solutions ensure easy and effective public announcements and in a case of an emergency these systems will ensure the safe evacuation of customers and staff. Our digital signage solutions can easily integrate into the hotel billing systems with a pay per view capability.

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