Financial Industry

Our digital signage solutions ensure seamless customer and staff communication within any financial organisation.  The content on our digital signage solutions is limited only by our client’s creativity.  Our client’s preferred content can be accompanied by ticker tapes and an on screen “Teller Customer Call” to ensure customers maintain eyes-on-screen at all times.  The content preferred by financial organisations usually include live updating of Forex rates, live broadcasts, a wide variety of marketing and promotional content, entertainment content to reduce the perceived waiting time and other useful content such as RICA and FICA information.  Our media players can seamlessly switch between live content, pre-recorded content, DSTV or local SABC channels.  We are able to deliver content to the digital signage screens via our dedicated satellite platform anywhere in the Sub-Sahara region. Alternatively we often deliver content via a client’s LAN or through the use of a webcast. This allows for organisations to engage with their customers or staff anywhere that they have branch offices.  We can provide financial organisations with a fully functional In-House broadcast studio, videoconference or In-House radio station from which clients can generate their own live content.  Our digital signage solutions are also regularly used for effective and insightful staff communication. We also enable our clients to manage their own pre-recorded content loops and we can measure the success and return on investment of our digital signage networks using anonymous video analytics. Through the use of the anonymous video analytics’ data we trigger content based on the demographics of the person in front of the screen.

Government & State Owned Institutions

Our Digital Signage and Communication Solution is an interactive solution that is effective, easy to use and it can display an abundant amount of information in real time. Our content management system can mold your digital signage to meet your specific marketing and informational needs. We can deploy messages to just one screen or various screens in the building/s. We give our client’s complete control and maximum flexibility to communicate their messages timeously.  Digital signage can be well utilised within any government building. From a court to home affairs to the licensing department, there is always a need to display information for staff, public and customers.  Our content management system accompanied by the unique functionalities of digital signage provides unique content in any language.  It can also efficiently guide visitors through the buildings using interactive maps while still keeping them informed of schedules and emergency alerts. Our data systems seamlessly provide schedules and building directory information so that government officials can begin eliminating the use of paper signage and posters, cutting down costs all together and contributing to the green evolution.

Hospitals & Clinics

Our digital signage solutions enables hospitals and clinics to remotely control the distribution and playback of digital multimedia including; DSTV programs, marketing content, ticker tapes / news feeds, staff training and staff communication, to name but a few, on LED screens, interactive kiosks, desktops, mobile phones, tablets and any other digital device.  We can deliver content to these devices anywhere in the Sub-Sarah region using Satellite as a delivery mechanism, to any other continent via webcast.  Our digital signage solutions provide a communication medium where patients can receive valuable medical information and pre-recorded entertainment content which helps to reduce their perceived waiting time.  We also install a wide variety of LED screens in hospital wards for patients to watch DSTV or local SABC channels.  Our digital signage solutions support and improve staff communication and staff productivity within hospitals and clinics.  We are able to deliver live broadcasts or pre-recorded staff messages to any digital device including LED screens, mobile phones or tablets.  We also provide medical tablets to the health sector whereon doctors and nurses perform a wide variety of daily hospital tasks digitally.  This increases staff productivity and it also provides patients with a more seamless and positive experience.  Deployment of our public address and evacuation systems will contribute to the safety of patients, visitors and staff in case of an emergency.

Retail & Fast Food Industry

The retail and fast food industries are gradually moving away from print advertisements and are utilising the benefits of going green and are therefore investing in digital delivery platforms.  Our digital signage solutions will ensure effective in store customer communication as well as staff communication.  The fast food industry can benefit from our digital menu boards to provide customers with constant menu updates and menu content designed to enhance the customer’s experience.  We also provide Wi-Fi solutions where retailers and fast food companies can provide their customers with open access Wi-Fi, ensuring customers spend more time in the stores.  Slow moving posters accompanied by DSTV or local TV stations on traditional or unusually positioned LED screens will create the “wow” factor, add value to the aesthetic appeal and atmosphere within a store and attract eyes to the screen.  Digital signage content is quick and easy to update, therefore, in-store promotional content can be as flexible as required and always stay fresh and relevant.  To improve the usability of our digital signage networks and the content displayed on these networks, we use anonymous video analytics to determine the return on investment for the digital signage network. This also enables us to determine the demographics of customers in retail and fast food areas; allowing our clients to have perfectly targeted content loops or demographically triggered content clips.  Our digital signage devices in the customer areas can double as staff communication and training devices during times when the stores or fast food restaurants are not yet open to customers.  This ensures informed staff at all times and important staff messages can be sent to all staff members simultaneously.  We can also deliver content to mobile phones or desktop computers to provide staff members with convenient platforms to access the staff communication.

Hotel & Casino Industry

Our digital signage solutions and public address and evacuation solutions have proven to be invaluable to the hotel and casino industry.  Our digital signage solutions improve the overall atmosphere within a hotel or casino’s reception, bar, restaurant and in every room.  An impressive LED screen connected to DSTV in every hotel room adds value and enhances the guest’s experience.  We provide a full IPTV solution that is MultiChoice approved to have encrypted IPTV channels in every room.  We provide the head-end connectivity to ensure crystal clear and a picture perfect content in every room and other areas within the hotel or casino.  In public areas our media players can switch between specials, menu boards, DSTV, holiday packages and so much more to ensure that patrons are exposed to a wide variety of information and entertainment.  Digital signage is the ideal platform to display and advertise lucky draws, and large Casino prizes.  Our public address and evacuation solutions ensure easy and effective public announcements and in a case of an emergency these systems will ensure the safe evacuation of customers and staff.  Our digital signage solutions can easily integrate into the hotel billing systems with a pay per view capability.


We provide VSAT installation and support services to various ISP’s in South Africa and across the African continent.  To date we have installed an estimated 16 000 VSAT terminals for ISP’s across the African continent.  Our technical teams are accredited according to the Health and Safety requirements of all the Petroleum companies; they also have security clearance as required by the banking and retail industries.  We understand the sensitive processes to be followed when an ATM custodian is required to open up the ATM security area. Our Project Managers are responsible for arranging the site visit with the ATM custodian.  Our technical teams are trained to install and connect a Cisco switch to the VSAT Modem and ATM.  We are also maintaining the Cisco switches.  Connecting Africa is saving the VSAT ISP’s and their clients thousand by doing their installations and maintenance.


Students are conditioned to look to digital devices for information and hence the era of digital education is prevalent and Digital Signage has become the ideal solution for education institutions.  Our digital signage solutions provide schools and tertiary institutions with efficient ways to share announcements, educate students and broadcast emergency messages.  Our solutions cater to visitor, faculty and student needs.  Modern digital signage is cost effective and easy to use; it can easily be updated on a daily basis to keep students informed about daily activities, thereby driving attendance and awareness.  Social Media and live television streams can also be incorporated to keep displays fresh and current.  Our digital signage product offering for educational institutions include tablets, interactive screens, information kiosks, projectors and public address solutions enhancing everyone’s experience at the institution.

Mining & Petroleum Industry

Mines and Petroleum sites are high risk environments and the need for information to be communicated fast and effectively is always in demand.  What better way to keep information in real-time than deploying a Digital Signage and Communication Network.  Actual production days, lost days to injury, downtime, information about what’s coming up, can all be measured and reported in real-time or as pre-recorded content using our Digital Signage and Communication Network solution. An effective digital network seamlessly brings data, video, television, static or moving content from the source and displays it on large format LCD or LED screens anywhere within the network on the mine or petroleum plant.  If it’s data, live or pre-recorded content, then we can display it locally on screens anywhere at any of the local mine or petroleum plant sites, at sites on the African continent or for that matter anywhere in the world if required. Updates can be done in real-time if necessary and information can be displayed to be acted on immediately, rather than be delayed.  The opportunities are there to maximise the use of the technology to improve productivity and safety as well as effortlessly communicate with staff, customers and visitors. There’s no better way to communicate with staff and customers alike to make the message relevant and received instantly. Our Digital Signage network is helping mining, manufacturing, and many more industries with easy to use technology to enable Signage and Communication to work as a whole.